How to Make Money With Fiverr -101

We're going to teach you how to make money with Fiverr. Fiverr is an online community where one could become a freelancer or a buyer of many things. You need an explainer video? a blog post written? or maybe you need to promote your new YouTube video? You can find the help on Fiverr. Fiverr lets you access many experts that can do all types of things to help you with your online efforts. They also allow you to sign up for free to become a seller of anything you may be good at. This is a great place to make a nice income online if you have competent skills. Ready to learn how to make money with Fiverr? 

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First - How to use Fiverr? It's Easy...

As mentioned, Fiverr is completely free to join. If you are looking to purchase a service on Fiverr from one of the many sellers. All you must do is type in the search bar to find the service you need. The results will come back with hundreds of Sellers for you to choose from. Make sure you look at the seller’s reviews and contact the seller to see a sample of their work before you make a purchase.

Becoming a Seller on Fiverr and Making $$$

If you want to become a seller on Fiverr, it is super easy to do. However, you should make sure you’re able to do, what you say you can do with your new Fiverr gig. If you get bad reviews because you’re not competent, you will not make much money. It is very important that you can perform the job you say you can perform with efficiency and accuracy.

When you sign up to become a seller on Fiverr they will ask you to create your first gig. A gig is what Fiverr calls each individual service offered on their platform. It takes about fifteen minutes to properly set up a Fiverr gig. Fiverr will direct to come up with a title, price, a description of your service and so on. Once you have your gig built you can start promoting it.

Benefits of using Fiverr. The Sky's the Limit!

There are quite a few benefits to be a buyer on Fiverr. For instance, if you need more content for your website there are many qualified writers on this platform. If you look hard enough, you will find sellers that will write a high-quality blog post for only $5. Now, not everyone who is a seller is going to produce high-quality content. Therefore, it is important to contact the seller and ask them for some samples of their work. A good seller will respond quickly to the samples you requested. 

It’s rather easy to become a seller on Fiverr and make a nice side income. If you work hard at producing high-quality content and receive nothing but 5-star reviews. It will not take you very long from turning that side income into a full-time job.

The income potential on Fiverr is one of its greatest benefits to sellers. Fiverr is a cool name for a website, but that does not mean your gig has to only be $5. Let’s say you create very high-quality logos, and you know that it should cost $45 for your designs. You can set your gig price up for the $45 you want to charge. You don’t have to be afraid of charging what your work is worth. There are plenty of highly skilled individuals on Fiverr that make well over $2,000 a week from their gigs.

How to Make Money With Fiverr - Pros

When it comes to purchasing gigs on Fiverr the process is easy and completely secure. They use PayPal for buyers to make their purchase. Then once you have ordered the service you want. Fiverr will hold onto those funds until the buyer accepts the finished product. The Seller must send it to you before you can accept. This is when you review what they send you, make sure it is up to par. If it’s not you can ask the seller to make your desired corrections. Most Sellers will respond very quickly to your demands. They do not want a bad review from you. Once you accept the order Fiverr will release the funds to the seller.

Now as a Seller, I have mentioned the benefits of one’s income potential on Fiverr. However, I did not mention how Fiverr helps you get more sales. After you create your new gig, Fiverr will start displaying your gig on their main page from time to time. As your gig gets constant 5-star reviews, and you are delivering on time. They will start putting your gig on the main site increasingly. Furthermore, there is a buyer request area where you can see what people want to have done. From this point you can approach buyers up to ten times a day and offer them a custom offer for what they are requesting. Plus, they give you your own link and banners to use in order promote yourself and get more Fiverr gigs.

How to Make Money With Fiverr - Cons

Sometimes buyers who didn’t research the seller very well will get substandard work. Another thing, I wouldn’t purchase website traffic from Fiverr. Most of those gigs are click mills in Bangladesh. They will not help you get anything but fake clicks. You must research the sellers you want to do business with before making your purchase. Since we all know that the world is not black and white. There are people of low morale’s everywhere, even on Fiverr.

As a Seller, there are some things to watch out for. If a person contacts you, you have never dealt with before and they try to drive you off Fiverr, it’s most likely a swindle. For instance, a common thing is for someone from China or India to ask you if they can access your Pc via remote. So, they can create accounts on Fiverr and other places like Up Work, essentially using your IP address to do so. They claim that they will pay you thousands of dollars. Don’t let these people access anything and avoid at all cost.

Once you complete an order and the buyer accepts it. You don’t get your money right away. Fiverr will hold your funds for 14 days before you can withdraw it to your PayPal or Bank Account. Plus, Fiver Takes $1 for Every $5 you earn. So, if you charge $25 for your gig, after you complete an order you earn $20. However, the payment system is completely secure and always works without a hitch.

Do I need to learn a skill to make money on Fiverr? Stay tuned for the next installment of "Making Money with Fiverr" to find out.

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Steve is the founder and CEO of Gel Digital Marketing,LLC. He is an experienced business professional and a seasoned online entrepreneur. He Provides turnkey white label SEO and digital marketing services to solopreneurs and small business alike. He offers SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing training and Web Design services and can be contacted at steve@geldigitalmarketing.com

  • Lace says:

    Ah, thanks for this info on getting started on Fiverr, Steve! I have been wondering what it was all about and what to watch out for. I really appreciate you pointing out the cons and what to be aware of with regards to remote access requests etc. Have you been happy with any services you have bought from Fiverr? It sounds like a fab platform to use and make money with, looking forward to buying my first gig!

    • Steven says:

      Hi Lace!

      I use Fiverr mostly for help with Content Marketing (blog post, articles, etc.). I have tried many writers and have found you typically get what you pay for. Look for sellers that have 5 star ratings and have a good amount of gigs under their belt. I have developed a relationship with a couple of writers there and know I can count on them when needed. I would be overwhelmed without the help I receive from Fiverr.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Talk soon!

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