how to get more web traffic

How To Get More Web Traffic – 7 Questions To Ask Your Solo Ad Vendor

How To Get More Web Traffic – The 7 Things Your Solo Ad Company Should Be Offering 

Creating the best solo ad campaign can pay off if you cater it to your audience. More often than not these things can fail if you don’t address them to your audience and create them the right way. Which is why I always encourage you to push the boundaries and come up with some new ideas. It’s important to buy web traffic (Solo Ads) for more leads and exposure. However, it’s even more important to know what type of solo ads you may need. Here you will find some of the things you need to do in order to get more web traffic to your site.

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How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #1: Fast Delivery 

Your solo ads need to be focused on speed and fast delivery if you are to get more web traffic. You need to seize the moment, so it’s important to send your ads as quickly as possible. If you don’t do that you end up leaving potential leads for someone else. Asl your Solo Ad Vendor how fast they can deliver the clicks!

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #2: Avoid The Spam List 

You will notice certain regulations that will help keep your ads away from the SPAM list. It’s crucial to learn all these rules and also focus on showing a professional attitude and allure. If you don’t do that, you might not be able to get the results you want. Getting more web traffic (Quality Clicks), turns into quality leads which in turn becomes money in your bank account!  Make sure your solo ad vendors list is not spammy. A good vendor provides a report of the solo ad campaign they performed for you. If they can’t do this, run for the hills!

how to get more web traffic

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #3: Free Ad Writing 

This is a great option because it allows you to enhance the quality of your promotions even if you’re not a good writer. More often than not you do end up with a lack of exposure, so trying to find the right system for exposure does pay off. A good solo ad vendor will handle all the ad copy for you solo ads campaign if you prefer. In many instances it best to let the solo ad vendor write or edit the ad copy for you. It’s there list and it should actually sound as if it’s coming from them, more natural sounding. They are the experts  on how the get more traffic to your site. Let them do it!

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #4: Identify The Best Categories 

The challenge when you create solo ad campaigns is that you want to target the right category. Knowing your niche is all well and good. However, don’t be afraid to ask your vendor if they think their list will respond well to the category within the niche you are promoting.  good example of this is if you are on the MMO (Make Money Online) niche but are promoting and SEO Software product you would ask the vendor if their list would be a good fit for this product specifically. This way you will get the best possible leads and customers naturally. Sure, the amount of people that open your messages is important. However,it’s also more important to try and generate more leads and customers naturally. This is how to get more web traffic naturally

how to get more web traffic

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #5: Track Clicks!  

Click tracking analytical software will show the overall performance of your solo ad campaigns. Which is why it can make a lot of sense to take your time and study all of this the best way that you can. There are some really good software systems out there and if you decide to use solo ads on a regular basis I would suggest investing in one. However, a good solo ad vendor should already do this for you and should offer these analytical reports as part of their service.

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #6: Guarantees? 

I know you want to see amazing benefits from your solo ad vendors campaigns, but you should certainly be realistic. If you’re not careful and come with unrealistic expectations, you will end up being disappointed. But the more important thing is that you will end up getting frustrated, which is even worse.

NOTE: Solo Ads do work! However just like everything in this business they are not a get rich quick way of making money. A good solo ad campaign will ad op-tins to your email list and if you’re having a good day and your offer is awesome you might even make a sale or get a sign up.

How To Buy Solo Ads – Strategy #7: Testimonials? 

Testimonials are important because they inspire confidence and give top solo ad vendors a way to stand out. Enhancing them and making them seem more credible. However, testimonials should be taken with a grain of salt. We all know that in the world of internet marketing that most testimonials are fake. Most solo ad vendors I have used were based on personal recommendations and by searching ad forums.

how to get more web traffic

How To Buy Solo Ads – Conclusion

In conclusion, finding the right solo ad approach will indeed pay and get more web traffic to your website and offes. These ideas will certainly offer great benefits and value, so you do need to test them out. Experimentation is key when it comes to solo ads, so try to take your time as you find the best option. It does have the potential to be worth it, so you want to focus on that as much as possible!

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how to get more web traffic






8 responses to “How To Get More Web Traffic – 7 Questions To Ask Your Solo Ad Vendor”

  1. Wei Avatar

    Hi Steve, I’ve heard of solo ads for a long time. But I also heard that it can be dangerous. So I never tried it. Thanks a lot for your insight into the topic. Is there a comprehensive and step-by step guide you would recommend on solo ads? I would love to learn how to utilize this properly.

    1. Steven Avatar

      Hey Wei!

      Thanks for stopping by! It is really hard at this time to find credible info on solo ads. I think it’s really about finding a few good vendors and working with them to build your list! You can get my free guide to solo ads here ==> Gel Web Traffic and if your interested in solo ad traffic right away you can go directly to my solo ads page here ==> Gel Web Traffic/solo ads . If you have any question or concerns at all about solo ads do not hesitate to reach out to me!


  2. Sean Avatar

    Hi Steve,
    I have never heard of solo ads before. I saw the other person’s comment about them being safe, what is the issue with them? I am always trying to find ways to drive information to my website.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Sean,

      Thanks for stopping by! As with anything there are some shady people in the industry. It is good to get to know a few solo ads vendors and test there list to see if it a good fit for your offer. I have done a lot of research on this subject and have purchased 1000’s of solo ads. I have built mu own list to over 600,000 and add a 1000 + fresh leads to my list daily.

      If you would like more information on Solo Ads you can get my FREE Report here ==> FREE TRAFFIC REPORT

      If you are interested in Solo Ad Traffic Packages you can check out my site here ==> Buy Solo Ads

      If you ever have any question regarding Solo Ads please do not hesitate to reach out!


  3. Michael Avatar

    Awesome Article Steve! I’ve been thinking of trying solo ads for awhile and now I know how! Thanks for the valuable information!

    1. Steven Avatar

      Hey Michael!

      You’re quite welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you need more info on Solo Ads you can get my
      FREE Report here ==> FREE Solo Ads Report

      If you need safe and reliable tier ! traffic then hit me up here ==> Solo Ad Traffic

      I look forward to hearing from you!


  4. Dan Strong Avatar

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the great information. I have definitely heard a bit about solo ads, but to be honest I really had no idea what they were until I just read this. I can now see why it’s such a big deal and why it’s so important to increase traffic. My website is still fairly new so I am learning slowly but now I feel like I understand this quite a bit more. I am definitely going be looking at using solo ads in the near future for my site and bookmarking your post. Thanks again!!

    1. Steven Avatar

      He Dan,

      You will not regret using solo ads to build your online business. If you ever need solo ads please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always here!


      P.S.Oh! you can get my FREE Report here ==> FREE Solo Ads Report

      If you need safe and reliable tier 1 traffic then hit me up here ==> Solo Ad Traffic

      I look forward to hearing from you!


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