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Video Marketing Profits – Part 8

Too Many Video Marketers Fail to Do This and They End Up Failing

Can you imagine getting a horse to water and putting in a lot of work to do so? This is how most marketers do things. Video Marketers put in a lot of time, effort and energy trying to drum up traffic to a video. So far, so good. They're doing a great job.

They come up with an amazing Youtube video. People pay attention to the video. They get people's attention, and they're talking about the right stuff. Again, so far, so good.

Video: Don't End Up Failing Here! Watch Now! ...

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 7

One Key Trick that Boosts Your Video SEO

Make no mistake search engine optimization is a very important consideration when doing video marketing. Don't ever think that since you’re creating videos and uploading them on YouTube and other places that SEO is not a consideration. You're only fooling yourself by thinking that way. Sooner or later, your ignorance of the importance of SEO will catch up to you and, believe me, it's not going to be pretty

Video: One Key Trick That Boosts Your Video SEO...

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 9

Why is Elemental Video Optimization so Important to Your Profitability

What is elemental video optimization? Have you ever heard that if you want to make money online, you have to optimize your ads? Well, it's true you have to optimize your content and you basically have to test, test and test.

This all sounds good in theory but the problem is most people do a really poor job optimizing their marketing campaigns. To be 

100% honest here it's much easier than you would think...Now, let's move on and learn more about elemental Video Optimization.

Video: The Importance of Elemental Video Optimization...

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 4

Do You Have to Have the Best-Looking Videos to Make Money in Your Niche?

I run into this question a lot. When I first started video marketing, a lot of people said that you must have the very best niche videos to make money. I took them at their word so I spent thousands of dollars on outros and intros and voice-overs and video spokespersons.

What do you think happened after I spent all that money? That's right. I ended up with a whole lot of nothing.

Video: Do You Have the Best Looking Niche Videos???

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 3

3 Key Marketing Video Types You Need to Know

There are many ways you can connect with your target customers through video. In fact, when you look at your competitor’s videos, it seems that there are so many variations out there. It seems that there are just too many and, at some point or other, it feels like there's really no one way to connect on an optimal level.

Well, I beg to disagree. The truth is, depending on your niche, one particular video type may be more effective than others. How do you know this? How do you identify this particular video type?

Video: Check Out the 3 Key Types!

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 2

3 Key Fiverr Services that will Turbocharge Your Video Marketing Business

Make no mistake creating videos can be very expensive. There I said it. I know you probably have heard this before and you probably think you're ready for it, but let's face it. Most people who think that they're ready for video costs often end up getting blindsided by scale. This is where fiverr comes in.

This happens all the time because at first, you're going to make one video. That's what you thought you’re going to do. You think that it was so easy and so fun, you make video after a video and guess what happens? Your costs skyrocket and you only have yourself to blame. Let Fiverr help! 

Video Marketing Profits: Video: #2...

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Video Marketing Profits – Part 1

Video Marketing: Secret #1 - 3 Key Considerations to Think About When Using Whiteboard Videos for Marketing

It's time to introduce video marketing to your online business. Let's say you have decided to use whiteboard videos to market your product. You probably have done your research. You probably have arrived at this conclusion by reverse engineering your competitors.

After extensively studying your competitors and seeing what kind of videos they produce, you have arrived at the conclusion that whiteboard videos is the way to go. Congratulations. You did your homework.

Video Marketing Profits: Video #1: 3 key Considerations...

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Video Marketing for Profits – Part 5

How to Use the Cheapest Video Marketing Type Most Profitably

Let's get one thing clear. There are many ways to make videos. You probably are well aware of that. One of the most common video marketing types is actually the most expensive.

I am, of course, talking about videos made using spokespersons. These are people who either memorize the sales speech or they have a teleprompter that they read from. Whatever the case may be video spokespersons tend to be very expensive because you’re renting their time.

Video - Cheapest Video Marketing Type

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