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Landing Page Template – Create a 2-Step Lead Generation Landing Page

Creating a 2-Step Lead Generating Landing Page

With the Thrive Architect plugin you can build ANY landing page template that you can dream of in very little time!

Watch the video and look over my shoulder of Hanne with Thrive Themes as she creates a beautiful 2 step lead generation landing page starting from scratch.

Here's a brief summary of the process so you can follow to do the same and create your own landing page template:

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Affiliate Marketing Blog Homepage – How Important is it?

Is Having blog posts on your Affiliate Marketing Blog homepage the right thing to do? It seems logical thing right? It could be one of the worst things you can do if you want your blog to be conversion optimized!

The BIG question is... what else do I put on there?

Your affiliate marketing blog homepage is the best places to push for conversions. In the following website review video by Thrive Theme's Stephanie Kelly, you're're will learn the exact techniques you need to make that happen.

We are focusing on our affiliate marketing blog but this technique will be work for any type of blog or website. 

Everything You Need for Your Blog's Homepage...

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