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3 Easy Ways You Can Lower Your Facebook Ads Budget

There are plenty of Facebook Ads marketers in the world. Many who are reporting conversion costs of anywhere from a few cents to a fraction of a penny. Others aren’t so lucky. In fact, most inexperienced marketers are reporting quite the opposite and are getting burned due to astronomical ad costs.

Now there are plenty of factors that come into play when talking about Facebook ad costs. But obviously, before you even get started you should have some sort of budget in mind (unless you have an unlimited supply of money).

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a cute name for what is probably Facebook Ads’ most powerful weapon for advertisers. Not only does the pixel track what your visitors are doing on your website, but it also transcends any device and IP address. Once your user is tagged by the Facebook pixel, you can be sure that your ads are going to be shown to that user regardless of whether they’re using another device or traveling in another country.

Video: 5 Ways Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Business

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